Divya Aggarwal - Dedicated, Driven and a Passionate Voice in the World of Fashion

Divya Aggarwal, the Creative Director of Kazo, is a woman of substance who is dedicated, passionate, and foresighted. Her fascination in fashion began at a young age, when she was surrounded by fashion, fabric, and everything in between.
Divya's interest in fashion design was moulded by her affinity for fine art during her high school years. Divya, a youthful 25-year-old, received her high school education from The British School in New Delhi and went on to receive her BFA in Fashion Designing and a minor in Design Management from Parsons School of Design in New York City. She feels that one's educational qualifications should not limit one's career options; nonetheless, they can certainly help one's advancement within the business and in the course of their choice. Divya is a firm believer in taking risks and that hard work, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a clear vision will provide the desired outcomes.
She always saw herself settling in New York during her time at Parsons. Working with her father, a first-generation entrepreneur and the Founder and MD of Kazo, she quickly recognised she had a direct entrance point into the fashion business where she could make a difference. Working alongside him gave her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge through diverse learning in all aspects of the business, which is the best type of learning. No trip is without its share of difficulties, and she described her experience in the industry as difficult in the best conceivable way.

Being a part of such a competitive and fast-paced sector allowed her to develop a solid work ethic, which proved to be highly valuable in the early phases of her career. Fashion is all about new trends, and they change periodically, therefore being one trend ahead is crucial for a designer. This allowed her to always put her best foot forward and develop a resourcefulness that allowed her to exceed expectations.
As the creative director of Kazo, Divya's own set of obstacles has been balancing her own personal aesthetic vs the brand aesthetic. She learnt over time that in an industry where everyone has access to the same inspiration, fashions and trends can be reproduced in a matter of seconds. Her ability to stay focused and develop collections with a personality and feeling of originality that are unique to the brand Kazo was aided by being faithful to the brand values and keeping target demographics in mind. As a millennial, she has made improvements to Kazo that have been beneficial to say the least.
Divya's multidisciplinary design approach helped her to reconstruct the brand aesthetic in the best possible way, from garment design to brand identity. Her introduction of additional categories, like as fragrances and accessories, helped the brand reach new consumers. Another significant development was assisting Kazo in improving his fashion sense and embracing sustainable methods and conscientious choices. Kazo's most recent collection, dubbed 'Kazo Konscious,' featured recycled polyester and BCI cotton textiles. In addition, the firm is striving to reduce waste caused by the fashion industry by repurposing unwanted pieces to make hairbands, scrunchies, and other accessories.

Divya emphasises the value of pursuing one's passion and dream. She feels that perseverance is key, and that working hard toward your goal, even if you don't know what that goal is yet, is essential. All opportunities, no matter how great or small, are valuable learning experiences.