Shecooks.healthy - A perfect fusion of Fancy meals & Desi Food

Parul is the founder of the food blog “Shecooks.healthy” on Instagram. She was an IT engineer in India before getting married and moving to the United States, where she couldn't continue her career for various reasons.

However, the whole situation compelled her to try something new. Parul shares, “Cooking has been my passion always so I started shooting and posting my routine meals with detailed recipes. Gradually, my network expanded and I realized “Oh! I am a food blogger”. She began to observe other blogs and their content, attempting to mimic it but failing miserably, so she abandoned the project. Food blogging is about much more than just cooking. It's a mix of cuisine, public speaking, photography, filming, and editing, among other things. As a result, she mastered all of the necessary abilities to produce high-quality content for my page. “My husband helped me a lot to understand things. Most importantly, I found my PURPOSE which is to preach “HEALTHY IS NOT BORING”, and I channelised my efforts to create that type of content.”, she says. “Recently, she has started a “Weight Loss meal series” (because I am on my postpartum Weightloss journey) and posted a variety of healthy and delicious cuisines till now, which can be prepared in minimal time and with less.” she adds.
She's been on this platform for three years and has some advice for aspiring bloggers who want to succeed:
Identify your purpose by answering these questions to yourself.
1. Why are you on this platform?
2. What is unique in your content?
3. What kind of people do you want to land on your page?
Finally, she advises learning basic photography and editing skills. She takes and edits my images in Lightroom. If you want to post more video material, you should learn how to film it (which is the trend these days). She edits her videos with inshot. Learn how to write captions that engage your viewers.