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Khushboo Madan- An award winning interior design studio: Design & Build

The objective of Design & Build is to create innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions via great client service, architectural design quality, and professional integrity. It aspires to be one of the top Architectural Design Firms in the world, with clients, co-workers, and other industry leaders praising and respecting it.
Started in 2016, based in Delhi, Design & Build offers a wide range of services such as development of concepts for interior solutions and their subsequent implementation in residential, commercial, retail as well as hospitality spaces. They are passionate about designing environments that are customised, sumptuous, and will be treasured for a lifetime while meeting a deadline. They choose designs that are visually striking, intellectually sophisticated, and, most importantly, ageless. They are dedicated to the improvement of multi-layered, contextual, and environmentally friendly design. Design & Build is a multifunctional organisation that works on a variety of projects in New Delhi and around the world. The objective of Design & Build is to create the most visually and aesthetically appealing concepts with the highest quality goods.

Khushboo is the founder and principal designer of Design & Build, a high-end and bespoke home, commercial, and hospitality interior design firm. Her projects are filled with a modern combination of discovered artefacts, repurposed materials, accessories, and furniture manufactured to the finest standards of international craftsmanship.
Khushboo Madan was born and raised in New Delhi, where she completed her education and afterwards earned her diploma and degree in architecture. She also completed her Bachelor of Technology with a concentration in civil engineering after that. She enjoys trying new things, and her job has aided her development in numerous ways.
Her ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with clients yielded the finest results. Her hard work and effort, as well as the most critical talent of following her passion to the next level, have shaped who she is today. When it comes to inventive and creative thinking skills, as well as the ability to analyse and critically appraise challenges, one should always be on fire. A skilled designer should be able to perceive the big picture while also paying attention to the tiniest details. You learn a lot of new things, visit new locations, and meet new people in this industry. On asking about the USP of the brand, she shares that, “Creativity with honesty, it ensures that we are honest with our design. For our design, we must infuse what is uniquely us into our work. If we do not, then what we are making is neither genuine nor essential. We have held back that which only our perspective can provide and have not done our best. We have to be vulnerable with ourselves to make our best, honest work. If you do that, your strengths and weaknesses collocate on your creativity to provide your best design.” She further says, “It is that blend of your treasures, which is the best thing, the only thing you need to make and share. Showing the world something that you made is hard enough.
Just as your skill and mastery of your medium will grow with practice and time, your vulnerability must grow as well to keep you honest with both the work and yourself.” She believes that creativity is best thought of as a kind of effort, not an abstract thing. But no creative person in history was creative in a practical sense without applying effort to some kind of project.
She thinks, “Architecture definitely is not boring but very challenging. Architecture in the world is seen as a career. The challenges she faced as a female architect are the same challenges any professional woman faces: Work-life balance, professional growth opportunities, and fair pay.”, she adds, “The hardest part is simply being a woman and having the same kind of multiple responsibilities as any man would in any career. Architecture is a profession where there is frequently a lot of overtime required. Finding a work-life balance is always a struggle. However, it is an interesting career where you are constantly learning. Self-identity, the pursuit of quality in design, enjoyment and awareness of the impact on people, Work with yourself and maximise what works for you.”

She concludes by saying, “Whenever you feel down, remind yourself why you chose architecture and then Focus on yours and push your idea to its limits. Explore the limits of your concept, then be confident in articulating it and be firm in defending it. Nobody can say your piece of rock is of the wrong shape. Treat your work like a baby; it is your brainchild.”

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