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Ephemeral Magic of Clay: Twelve pottery studio

Twelve pottery studio is a creative space born out of love for pottery and ceramic goods by Vedika Agrawal. Each pot that you come across is filled with a lot of warmth, gratitude and love.

“As a kid, I absolutely loved getting my hands dirty in mud and clay and would jump to it for any chance that I got.”, she shares. As she grew up, she found pottery to be the same liberation. Vedika says, “From the very first moment I touched clay, I knew that we were going to be the best of friends for a very very long time! And when I started making pottery I immediately fell in love with the whole process and never wanted to stop! At this point it was only a hobby and I started taking up courses to educate myself about this craft. After a few workshops here and there, I decided to take up a residential course for pottery and went and learnt it for 1 month, making pots for almost 9-10 hours a day!”

She was nearly addicted to the wheel because of the peacefulness of the whole operation! She learned the fundamentals of working with clay and making beginner-level pots in this workshop and chose to purchase a wheel as soon as she returned home. "After 12 days, my wheel and clay arrived, and I got down to build my first pot." After that, the clay and I became inseparable! She exclaims, "I practised for around 9-10 hours a day for the next few months and enjoyed every minute of it!" When she wasn't throwing on the wheel, she would spend hours watching pottery-making videos and learning everything she could about the technique!

Her transition from a marketing background to full-time ceramics was a major step for her. She was quite definite about marketing as a future job after spending around four years studying and working in it, and ceramics was just a side pastime. However, she soon discovered that pottery is essentially a full-time job because you wind up working an odd number of hours on it. She finally left the marketing agency where she was employed and began practising ceramics. She thinks that has been the best thing she has ever done for her creative side! “I’m super grateful I took this up and found something that I’m naturally adept at and would ask everyone to try something new at least once!”, she concludes.

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