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Bold Approach On Modern Minimalism /e by E/Eshita

To always remember to trust my gut, stick to schedules, and follow my self-made rules!
Eshita Marwah, the founder of /e, read as by e, effortlessly transitions designs from her creative visions to astounding interior design pieces. Having her roots in engineering, her profoundness toward art and designs showcase a blend of timelessness, detail-oriented, classic compositions with a hint of personal touch. After accomplishing her Master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, she worked for CERN and a start-up in Analog Circuit Design. After three years, she returned to India and founded /e in 2015. With a forte in colours and designs, /e projects highlight complementary artworks capable of
evoking emotions and reviving senses. The founder replies- "Classic, clean, original,
innovative" when asked to describe her aesthetic. She explains that the key to delivering what a customer expects is to get to know the client personally. She further explains that she picks projects where the vision matches her aesthetic and helps make the process easier and more recreational. Always keen on art, architecture and decor, she shares how she had a revelation about her deep- rooted passion for interior design when she met her architect husband. Her mesmerizing projects channel her exceptional taste and eye for detail.
One of her breath-taking works is the Surat Apartment. The house gleams with a sense of subtle royalty with jewel-themed rooms.
Her works exhibit seamlessness with a minimalistic outlook and blended design sensibilities.
She takes inspiration from her travels, magazines, books and objects she collects. Her visit to Tate Modern in London is one of her recent sources of inspiration. When asked about her opinion on prime concerns in interior and decor, she replies- “Being indecisive in a field like this would be quite challenging.”

Answering one of the questions, Marwah expresses her love for the profession. She explains- “The sheer possibilities! The fact that I can design everything from lighting to rugs to furniture to patterns to fabrics to artwork to hardware, you name it. It is the joy of being able to design each of these separately and then seeing them come together effortlessly.” Her works are titled- "Zwaan", "The House of Painted Doors", "The Happy Haven", and
"Casablanca", among others. By e website features her various projects and a unique amalgamation of her creative insights. Many prominent magazines have featured her works.
/e is an example of dedication and pure admiration toward work and the art of introspection towards discovering passion. Eshita Marwah inspires budding designers. Her works convey the beauty of simplicity and provide an insight into sonorous balance that combines a vintage allure with contemporary design ethos.
While going through all your projects, we were eager to know how would you describe your personal aesthetic?
- Classic, clean, original, innovative

Is there any of your favourite home design tips?
- Your home has to speak of you, your aesthetic and your sensibilities. So I always recommend people getting to know their own design sense first, then spending time
looking for a designer they can really connect with, and then just enjoying the process!

When you get project orders focusing on the costumers aesthetic, how do you cope up with their expectations and create the space they wish for?
- By getting to know the client closely. I also pick only projects where I know I can deliver and my aesthetic matches with that of the client, so that definitely makes the process much easier and funner.

What is the most recent thing you experienced that has deeply inspired you?
- Visiting the Tate Modern in London.

How do you prioritize your tasks on a daily basis.
- I believe in to-do lists, and hourly to-do lists on really busy days. They help me get things done in time. I generally like to allocate separate times for just designing, because it’s easy to get carried away in the daily happenings of the office.

As per you, What are your main concerns one should have being in the field of interior and decor?
- Being indecisive in a field like this would be quite challenging.

What kind of projects interests you more, commercial or non-commercial projects?
- At the moment, residential.
Has it ever happened that you are behind a schedule? How did you overcome the situation?
- Yes that happens often because of the number of people we’ve to work with and depend on on a daily basis. I work through that by prioritizing and delegating work.

As said by you “Fashion was my first true love”, how did you find your passion and interest in interior designing?
- I think I was always interested in interior design, I just didn’t know then that it was my calling .. It was probably when I met my architect husband that I sort of had a revelation that I’d also always been very interested in art, architecture and decor, amongst other things.

What do you love most about the interior design profession?
- The sheer possibilities! The fact that I can design everything from lighting to rugs to furniture to patterns to fabrics to artwork to hardware, you name it .. It’s the joy of being able to design each of these separately and then seeing them come together effortlessly

Till date, has there been any design project that did not turn out as expected? If yes, how did you deal with it.
- This hasn’t happened design-wise. We’ve had some very challenging projects and it’s been a steep learning curve, but I can’t remember not being happy with the design outcome in any of them.

You have an extremely great taste in interior and decor, where do you get the inspiration form to create such pleasant aura and eye catchy space.
- From my travels, from magazines, from books, and from the objects I collect.

After seeing all your excellent projects we are eager to see how your home looks like. What were your “not to be forgotten points” while designing your home? How did you choose the colour palette and aesthetic?
- Not to be forgotten points included remembering my husband is a designer himself and to make a home that not just me, but we’d both love to call home. Haha Color palette sort of just came together as we went, we didn’t really design the place completely like I would a project before starting work on site, we took it step by step, and made design decisions as we went along. I guess that’s the freedom one would want to enjoy in any kind of a project.

Lastly, what is your success mantra?

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