Beautiful Oops- “Every oops is full of possibilities.”

Raeesa, the brains and heart behind Beautiful Oops, a 22-year-old, decided to pursue her dream of doing more of what she loves and making her soul happy in 2019. After intensive thoughts and planning, she launched an Instagram page called "Manaal Art" on December 31, 2019.
It was only a place for her to share her watercolour practice paintings back then, which evolved into the pinnacle of vintage bundles, beginning with an album created for one of her friends. The distinctiveness of the bundles drew the attention of a large audience, and riches and affection for her page poured in. She called the page Beautiful Oops, after a sentence from a book that said- "A spill. A Bend. A smear. A smudge. A tear. Consider it an opportunity to create something wonderful when we believe we have made a mistake.

“It is OK to make a mistake. In fact, hooray for mistakes! A mistake is an adventure in creativity, a portal of discovery. Celebrate that oops moment and make a magical transformation from blunder to wonder " she believes.
Vintage Bundles became the masterpiece work and the most loved product. Now, her dream has 12000+ well-wishers, 200+ worldwide customers and 100+ participants for various Art & Entrepreneurship courses offered. The love for vintage, memories, photos and poetry makes Beautiful Oops unique and the perfect choice to make your loved ones smile.

“The purpose of this dream venture is to make Art and make someone miles away happy through a handmade bundle to help fellow artists and small business owners to grow their dream and to follow their passion. It is not just a small business !! From designing to packing, I pour some love into the bundles and what you receive in your hand is not just a handmade product, but it has all my heart; it is my love for Art !!” she shares.
She was planning too much during the initial stage. She had a notebook where she wrote ideas to implement and how she wanted her page. “The fun fact is my brand is just 10% of what I planned and 90% of just unexpected things and results of the hard work and passion I had.”, she says. Reading the journey of other entrepreneurs motivates her. That's one thing she does when she feels demotivated. Her family and friends are her pillars of strength.
Asked about her goals, she shares, “I want to build a course where I can help anyone who is passionate about a particular skill and wants to start their entrepreneur Journey. I am someone who quit my 9-6 job to pursue my passion full time. I want to motivate people who want to take a turn in their career journey from employee to entrepreneur. The initial version of the course is already launched.”
When she was asked about the challenges she had to overcome at the beginning of the journey, she said- “Beautiful Oops'' was a "covid" start-up. I started my brand during this pandemic 2 years back. That itself was a challenge because everyone was not willing to spend too much on gifting in those struggling days and material sourcing was tough. But the same thing was a blessing as well because people wanted something that made them happy and most of the people started celebrating every single moment, gifting for themselves and their loved ones.” Another major challenge she faced was balancing a 9-6 job, her passion and her personal life.
She shares, “The changing algorithm of Instagram affected the growth of my audience. When reels came in, it was difficult for me to change with the trend and the initial flow of the audience stopped suddenly. Now it's getting better but still the original content is not getting enough reach compared to just entertaining content.”
Customer satisfaction is the prior importance of her brand. So there were times she had to rework the handmade gift to meet the expectation of the clients.
On advice to someone who’s planning on starting a small business, she says, “Don't wait for a perfect time to start. If you think, you might get 101 reasons not to start your own company / or go behind your passion but if this is something that makes you happy and satisfied then trust me, go ahead and start your brand without a doubt. Work hard and trust the process - you will reach where you want to be and who you want to be”