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Õde Studio: Minimal Stationery Brand: Simplicity Personified

Õde was born in August 2019 by two college students, Aastha Bhansali and Srishti Bajoria, who were committed to making academic life easier. What seemed like an impulsive midnight thought has now turned into a successful growing business. An idea that sprung up in a late night conversation between two best friends gave birth to their dream company; Õde Studio.

For their initial initiative, they created their own college calendars, which were carefully selected to help struggling students navigate their way through college. The launch of Covid-19 breathed new life into their company, and the success of the #PlanInPastels2021 collection opened a slew of doors and chances for budding entrepreneurs. With this, they decided to expand their business and delve into the field of graphic design and branding, rebranding de Stationery to 'de Studio,' a brand that stands for minimalism and the belief that 'no detail is too tiny.' With over 6,500 Instagram followers, Aastha and Srishti decided to create a sub-brand called 'Design by de Studio' to exhibit their graphic design portfolio.

Starting a business is fraught with difficulties. Learning new software was one of their first challenges. They struggled with sophisticated applications like Adobe with each design, but with patience and dedication, they now confidently glide through the same. The two also had to deal with the onerous issue of managing their finances and money. They built a stable basis and structure for the company from having little or no knowledge of accounts, taxes, and returns, to being open to learning, endless lists, and scheduling. Aastha and Srishti truly believe “over the past two years, we learn something new with every product launch, every client and every project we have endorsed”. “We envision Õde to be a huge part of our future. To create our own design agency and grow our team. We aim at tackling brand management, packaging for other businesses with the best quality and aesthetic designs. We see ourselves diversifying into selling on various e-commerce platforms and offline pop-up stores and exhibitions. We envision Õde being every stationery-lovers dream.”

With little experience running a business and balancing academics, the two worked their way up to full-time business owners through trial and error. They navigated complicated software and kept track of their finances. The pair's marketing and creative abilities complement each other, and they stick to their purpose of bringing your vision to reality, a promise that motivates them to work harder every day.

“We create with the dream of spreading the essence of Õde through creativity and functionality. Join us on this journey and be a part of our #õdefamily.”, they concluded.

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